At Paaliq, ensuring systems are safe and secure is our top priority.
Our servers are protected by intrusion detection and monitoring systems. Firewall, antivirus, and anti-malware scans as a premise to safe guard our customers business.

Our servers are hardened to prevent breaches and security backdoor access.

Data integrity is crucial in today's business and we offer comprehensive back-up solutions.

Mails are protected with spam guard and domain name security are tightened to prevent identity theft.

When you sign-up for managed service, we provide these comprehensive protection and more.

Our system allows self-help feature such as Virus scan, site failure notifications and auto SSL assistant.

our Security service

  • Malware scan, spam and removal
    Phising and malicious codes can be sent to your mail box or injected to vulnerable servers.
    Or unwanted junk mails can quickly fill up your mailbox, hence having system checks in place can help protect you and save you precious time.
  • Security SSL Certificate Installation, configuration
    SSL is a defacto in today's industry as part of PCI standard to ensure all data is encrypted, especially useful for ecommerce websites.
  • Security hardening / patching
    Your server requires updates and upgrades to ensure no vulnerabilities are left unturned.
  • Anti-DOS protection
    DOS/DDOS is a malicious act where a hacker can bring down a company website by jamming the network with massive unwanted traffic.
  • IPS / IDS
    Intrusion Detection and Prevention helps to prevent and deter unwanted, unprivileged access to your backend.
  • System Monitoring
    Don't leave your system to chances, get notified immediately when there are possible issues, intrusions or updates via email.
  • Real-time Website monitoring
    With live real-time reports, you get first hand information when there's any compromise, mail issues, suspicious or updates required for your aciton.
  • Disaster Recovery
    When disaster strikes, we will be the first to help mitigate the situation and quickly recover your data and restore your business online in no time.